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Akord Kvint Model 28B Cello | 3/4 Size

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Akord Kvint

This model suits the most advanced students, and its smart chestnut brown is richly shaded. Its accessories are made from slected, finely polished ebony and decorated with a Parisian eye. Thes instument is fitted with Thomastik Kominant strings and Aubert bridge with a V-shaped ebony insert. In addition, model 028 has a beautifully flamed back; sides, neck and top made from selected resonant spruce.


 All Akord cellos are handcrafted to the highest standards in the Czech Republic.

About Akord Kvint
Akord Kvint is a Czech company that produces exceptional concert and master violins, violas and cellos. The firm was founded in 1991 in Luby, a small town with a long tradition of string instrument craftsmanship going back to the middle of the seventeenth century. The owners employ both famous and young talented violin makers, mostly master luthiers to create the most exquisite stringed instruments. Their master luthiers produce violins, violas and cellos in five quality levels. All of them, except for cellos, are available in all sizes and designed after the models of Stradivari and Guarneri. All materials, parts and accessories are chosen from the most reputable sources in Germany, Austria and France. The materials are high quality resonant spruce and deeply figured Bosnian maple. Ebony, rosewood and boxwood accessories and high-grade quality strings such as Thomastic Dominant, Vision Titanium, Larsen, Evah Pirazzi, etc. are used.
Akord Kvint Instruments
The sound quality of string musical instruments which have wooden resonance cases (body) is achieved not only by the performance of the musician and the quality of the strings, but by the whole construction of the instrument and its many parts. Besides the quality of the wood used, it depends on the shape, thickness, craftsmanship and lacquering of the instrument. The exceptional quality of oncert instruments produced in Akord Kvint’s workshop is due mainly to the credentials of the master luthiers, the quality of wood and the surface finish. All the student and concert violins, violas and cellos are built by luthiers and master luthiers. These instruments make quality achievable to all, whether students or professionals. 


Quality of Wood

Alpine spruce and the highest quality Bosnian maple is used in the instruments, obtained from lumber-mills in Germany. The plates, necks and ribs from these sources undergo appropriate treatment right after the wood is chopped down; they are cut or splintered, perfectly stored and long dried in a natural way.


Surface Treatment

Violin makers worry about lacquering the instruments, since it often impairs the sound of the white instrument. Managing perfect surface treatment, beautiful color and gloss requires rich knowledge and experience and is a very time-consuming and elaborate matter. The Akord Kvint master violin-makers abound in extensive knowledge of the surface treatment of string instruments. The lacquers are prepared according to old, well-established recipes. The lacquering technology itself is then a key to the success of the whole process.


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