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Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT Electric Guitar | Angel of Deth

Price €975.00
PRF €0.00
Ex. PRF €975.00

The legendary Dave Mustaine is the driving force behind Mega Deth, and the Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT was designed by Mustaine in conjunction with Dean's master guitar builders. The dual volume, single tone, and 3-way switch is the control configuration that Dave prefers. And a full 2-octave 24-fret D-shaped neck is set up at factory for fast low action and easy access to the upper frets. These guitars come with string-through body design for ultimate sustain and playability.


Available versions:

  • Angel of Deth with ebony fingerboard, special pearl Mustaine inlays and Dave Mustaine Duncan Live Wire pick-ups
  • End Game with rosewood fingerboard and Dean DMT Design active pick-ups
  • End Game Signature with rosewood fingerboard and Dean DMT Design humbucker pick-ups
  • Floyd with classic black finish, ebony fingerboard and Mustaine Duncan Live Wire pick-ups


Hardshell case included.

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