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LAG Tramontane TSE200D Special Edition Acoustic Guitar | Ivory

Price €439.00
PRF €0.00
Ex. PRF €439.00

The success of the Lâg Tramontane range is largely due to the superb black version of the T100 series. This guitar can be recognized amongst dozens, even if they do not stay in the stores for long. Based on this observation, Lâg Guitars has designed a colored version of the T200 series, a remarkable Ivory one.

Except for the colour (ivory) and the body finish (glossy on this one), all the specifications are the same as the T200 guitars’, even the rosette is the typical Tramontane one.

Offering premium solid tops, the LÂG Tramontane 200 range combines a world of woods to create instruments with an amazing sound. Finely crafted, the result is an instrument with a balanced and vibrant sound, ideal for the guitar enthusiast or the on-the-road professional.

The TSE200D-IVO is a special edition, made in the Lâg’s factory in China where quality is irreproachable. 


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