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Prodipe GL-21 Ukulele & Guitar Condenser Mic

Price €109.00
PRF €0.00
Ex. PRF €109.00

Prodipe have perfected an electret capsule that can take up to 140dB. At that level of performance the capsule will preserve the full harmonic envelope, which adds warmth to the sound of your instrument. The GL21 Lanen Acoustic Guitar & Ukulele has been designed for guitars, ukuleles, mandolins and banjos, and provides a very high acceptable sound pressure level.

For the clamp, Prodipe have developed two sizes of clip. The first type is for guitars with a thick soundboard or internally strengthened near the sound hole. The second clip is smaller and curved in shape - the mic can be positioned on guitars or ukuleles whose soundboard ribs are near the sound hole towards the neck side. Both clips are designed to keep your instrument safe from damage.

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