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Prodipe MC-1 Vocal Condenser Microphone

Price €89.00
PRF €0.00
Ex. PRF €89.00

New generation of professional dynamic mics for vocalists


"In the past, professional mics for stage vocalists were designed to boost the person’s voice, especially in rock and other types of electric music. It was the quantity of sound that mattered more than the quality!

PA system technology has become considerably more sophisticated since then and performance has improved enormously. This means we need mics that are more neutral and that respect the natural timbre of the voice. With this in mind I wanted to create a new generation of dynamic mics that can keep up with the changing equipment, on stage as well as in a studio.


I know I’ve succeeded with my new PRODIPE. As of now I’m using MC-1 for all my performances."

Ludovic Lanen - Sound Engineer


The MC-1 mic is supplied with its clip.

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