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Yamaha CLP525 Clavinova Digital Piano | Rosewood

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An authentic and stylish piano experience.
Yamaha's Clavinova range have always been the first choice for many pianists all over the world and has always been able to cater for absolute beginners through to professionals thanks to their fundamental realism and versatility. The Yamaha CLP-525 Clavinova Digital Piano is another shining example of what Yamaha are capable of and delivers realistic sound and feel that will impress pianists of all skill levels and requirements.


Real grand expression
Every element of the Yamaha CLP-525 Clavinova Digital Piano works in perfect harmony to deliver the level of realism that you will experience. Yamaha's history of premium acoustic piano manufacturing has given them the edge on their digital counterparts.

The grand piano sound of the Yamaha CLP-525 Clavinova Digital Piano is painstakingly sampled from a Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano that was tuned and prepared by a master piano technician. From staccato to legato Yamaha's smooth release technology delivers a response that is near indistinguishable from playing a premium acoustic piano. Add to this the synthetic ivory key tops and 256 note polyphony, and you are enveloped in a piano playing experience that will impress all the senses.
10 Comprehensive voices

As well as the astonishing grand piano, the Yamaha CLP-525 Clavinova Digital Piano comes loaded with a total of 10 high quality sounds. Lush electric pianos, deep strings and full, choppy organs making the CLP-525 extremely versatile and fun to play.
Intelligent Acoustic Control

One of the main advantages of having a digital piano is the ability to adjust the volume should you need to. The option to practice at night or in the same room as others is now a viable option. This is further accentuated by the double headphone socket. This allows for a student and teacher to practice together in silence if needed. And the Yamaha CLP-525 Clavinova Digital Piano has a further trick up its sleeve. On other digital pianos, if the volume is reduced, sometimes the sound can loose bass and treble making the sound thinner, not so with the CLP-525, the IAC system automatically compensates to keep a rich sound, even at the lowest of volumes.

Further key features of the Yamaha CLP-525 Clavinova Digital Piano include the suite of apps for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch that can make playing and practice even more fun and creative. The Yamaha CLP-525 Clavinova Digital Piano contains features that will cater for pianists of all levels and comes in a beautifully built cabinet and finish, ideal for your home or venue.

  •     The CFIIIS samples
  •     256-note polyphony
  •     Graded Hammer 3 (GH3) keyboard with synthetic ivory keytops
  •     Acoustic Optimizer
  •     Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC)
  •     Redesigned cabinet with front legs for a traditional upright appearance
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