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Waltons 14" Hand Tuneable Bodhran Medium Frame | Natural

Price €165.00
PRF €0.00
Ex. PRF €165.00

The T4145 is the ideal choice for serious players looking for a robust but compact Hand Tuneable Bodhran. Small, strong, portable and easily tuned by hand, this bodhran is the perfect choice for those seeking a compact and easily portable bodhran with all the tonal flexibity of a pro instrument. 


A handcrafted, ultra-durable, 5-times over-layered 4" x 14" frame, the T Series bodhran is manufactured using a highly-refined technique which has been developed by our Artisan bodhran makers over the last 40 years. The T-Series bodhrans guarantee a perfect balance of form and function, neatly tailored to the modern player. 


Our hand-picked, premium quality goatskins are indivdually hand treated using a unique combination of age old traditions and 21st century science which allows us to maximise the skin potential while preserving the tonal and performance characteristics that give each of our T Series bodhrans its own individual personality. 


All of our T Series bodhrans use an innovative hand tuning system developed by Christian Hedwitschak and exclusively licensed to Waltons for our T Series bodhrans. This system uses hand-turned tuning pins unlike the more conventional Allen screw system that requires a tool to tune the bodhran. Not only does this mean you no longer need to always carry a tuning tool with you but it also allows your Waltons T4145 bodhran to be lighter in weight while still posessing a robust solidity and durability. 


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